Waterstop Profiles

Our PVC Waterstops are extruded form of premium quality PVC compounds, designed for sealing construction and expansion joints in reinforced concrete structure.

PVC Waterstops are used for the sealing of Construction and Expansion joints in RCC structures. PVC Waterstops are embedded in concrete and to be installed across and along the joint to form a continuous watertight diaphragm which prevents the passage of fluids through the joint. 

The many sections centrally and externally placed allow lasting watertight seals in any grades of concrete design; the cross section configuration features a multi rib design for an effective grip and tenacious anchor to the concrete and a flexible, hollow center bulb to accommodate moderate expansion and contraction in the concrete joints. 

The PVC Waterstops are typically used in Water retaining structures such as: reservoirs, storage tanks, dams, canals and swimming pools as also used in underground structures such as: basement, tunnels, retaining walls. 

Standards :

  • British Standard BS 2782 M320A
  • U.S. Corps of Engineers CRD-C 572-74
  • American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D2240-05, ASTM D412, 
    D638-99, D570-98, D792-00 MA
  • German Industrial Standard DIN 53455
  • International Organization for Standardization ISO 527
  • GOST (TOCT) 11262-80