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IFFCO is a United Arab Emirates based innovative and integrated multi food products Group. With an established global presence, the Group offers a wide range of food products, related derivatives, intermediates and services.


• Impulse Foods


• Agri Business


• Oils & Fats


• Packaging


• Chemicals


• Sales and Distribution


• Production Molds manufacture & supply


• Personal Care


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The IFFCO Group worldwide comprises of 32 offices and 30 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries. From the Group comes some well-known brand leaders like London Dairy, Igloo, Tiffany, Al Baker, Noor, Hayat, Rahma and many other brands. Across these brands, the Group delivers value to consumers in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, West Asia, the Far East, Australia and the USA.


Business Verticals:

  1. PET Preforms & Closures – leading manufacturer of PET Preform and Closures in the Gulf and African region; having a wide range of PET Preforms and Closures, suiting different Neck Finish and application, PET Preforms for Mineral Water 30/25 and 29/25 NF, CSD both 1810 and 1881, 28 PCO NF, 38 MM Juice/Dairy 3 start and 2 start Hot fill, OIL 36/29 NF and 29/21 NF Snap on Neck, Ketchup and Mayonnaise M33 SP400 NF; Closures for Mineral Water and Carbonated Soft Drink application.
  2. PVC  Compound – manufacturing of PVC Compounds, which caters to a host of industries including bottles, films, electrical cable, pipes and fittings, footwear, rigid profiles, hoses, gaskets and waterstops, utilizing the latest state of art equipment in our facility.
  3. Waterstop Profiles - manufacturing wide range of PVC waterstop profiles, meeting international standards and the requirements of Waterproofing market, covering international construction chemicals companies, waterproofing materials manufacturers and biggest trading companies.
  4. Masterbatch - manufacturing high quality of white, color and additive polyolefin masterbatches for extrusion, injection and blow molding applications; PP based reinforced compound filled with minerals such as CaCO3, talc, glass fibers for automotive, appliances and furniture.
  5. Tool and Die Value Plus Services – one-stop solution for PET beverage packing including innovation, design, mock up sample, prototype mold, sample bottles, production molds, Engineering parts, PVC dies, parison blow molds, injection molds, thermoforming and vacuum forming molds.